Sustainable Building for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Most of the world has been locked down in response to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. While this may have been successful in flattening the curve, it has had some unintended consequences. Among these are addiction of mental health issues among people who are having problems dealing with social isolation under the new normal. This may result in a need for the construction of mental health centers and addiction treatment facilities. Can this be done sustainably?

Green Building and Mental Health

Green building is a framework for construction that begins with the understanding that our built environment can impact our natural environment. But there’s more to it than that. The way that we construct our buildings will also have a profound psychological effect on the surrounding community. So, it’s only natural that green buildings, with human psychology ingrained into their design, will be compatible with an end goal of improving the mental health of the patients serviced by the facility.

Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction treatment centers will service patients who suffer from a wide range of addictions. Most of these facilities will use mainstream medications combined with therapy and other tactics. There is also a growing movement in the wellness community, where natural opioid alternatives may be tried as an alternative treatment option for some individuals. Whatever the case, the facility should be designed to provide a pleasant environment for patients.

Mental Health Services

Many people suffer from mental health problems. Sustainable construction is a great way to provide them with safe environments for their treatment, too. This treatment can be in the form of medication and therapy. It may also include holistic activities like yoga and meditation. Some facilities may even mix treatment methods across boundaries, to provide patients with a space where they can work to improve all of their dimensions of wellness, rather than just spending their time reading wellness blogs online.

Where to Go From Here

Smart developers are already hard at work building new mental health facilities. By the time this lockdown ends, there will be millions of Americans, and others, who will be in need of mental health services. Many of them will prefer sustainable options.